OUT Label

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OUT Label

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This bright yellow label with the word “OUT” written in black on it is a great option for conveying a very clear message. This can be used on doors to show which way the door will swing. When the label is put on the side of the door that swings out it will remind those in the area that they need to be careful so that they don’t get hit by the door. Another area where this label can be useful is on conveyer belts to identify whether a particular point in a machine or process is going out or coming in.

Of course, if you have entrances and exits in your facility you can use this label to clearly identify doors that are used for people to leave from. While this particular label is very simple in design, it is also extremely effective at letting people know that the area around it is used for things to go out of.

  • 3 size options available
  • Easy peel-and-stick application
  • Strong adhesive for high durability
  • Chemical, water, and smear resistant
  • Removable without leaving messy residue
  • Same material as our LabelTac printer supply


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OUT Label

OUT Label


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