Floor Marking Shapes

Floor Marking Shapes

Easily mark equipment locations & provide
wayfinding solutions with floor shapes.

Floor markings such as floor marking tape and floor signs help divide space, aid traffic flow, and provide instructions, but your floor marking system isn't complete without floor marking shapes. These shapes—such as corners, T's, X's, arrows, and footprints—help with color-coding, provide directions, and mark the locations of equipment, pallets, and other important parts of your facility. Floor marking shapes are durable, easy to install, and come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. These shapes work great in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, garages, and other tough environments. Shop our selection of shapes below. If you are looking for removable floor marking tape, click here.

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Free Floor Marking E-Book

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  • SafetyTac Corners (Rounded) Floor Tape

    SafetyTac® Corners (Rounded)

  • SafetyTac Corners

    SafetyTac® Corners (Squared)

  • Smart Stripe Arrows

    Smart Stripe Arrows

  • Smart Stripe Custom Corners Floor Tape

    Smart Stripe Corners (Squared)

  • SmartStripe warehouse rounded markers

    Smart Stripe Corners (Rounded)

  • Standard Photo of corner markers

    5S Corners

  • Smart Stripe Dots

    Smart Stripe Dots

  • SafetyTac Footprints

    SafetyTac® Footprints

  • Smart Stripe Footprints

    Smart Stripe Footprints

  • SafetyTac T's round

    SafetyTac® T's (Rounded)

  • dot tape

    SafetyTac® Dots

  • SafetyTac Arrows

    SafetyTac® Arrows

  • Vinyl Arrows & Dots

    Vinyl Arrows & Dots

  • SafetyTac T's (Squared)

    SafetyTac® T's (Squared)

  • Smart Stripe Letters/Numbers - Floor Marking Shapes
  • SafetyTac Strips color pack

    SafetyTac® Strips

  • SafetyTac "Hazard" Corners

    SafetyTac® "Hazard" Corners

  • SafetyTac X's

    SafetyTac® X's

  • Durastripe Corners

    Durastripe Corners

  • Smart Stripe T Shapes Rounded Floor Tape

    Smart Stripe T's (Rounded)

  • Smart Stripe T's (Squared)

    Smart Stripe T's (Squared)

  • 5S Footprints

    5S Footprints

  • Smart Stripe X's

    Smart Stripe X's

  • SafetyTac Industrial Floor Tape Mini Corners

    SafetyTac® Mini Corners (100 Pack)

  • Durastripe Footprints

    Durastripe Footprints

  • 5S Dots

    5S Dots

  • Smart Stripe Arrowhead shape die-cut custom industrial tape

    Smart Stripe Arrowheads (Rounded)

  • Durastripe Arrows

    Durastripe Arrows

  • SafetyTac®  Glowstripe Footprints

    SafetyTac® Glowstripe Footprints


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