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Floor markings increase the level of safety in the workplace by providing people with visual cues for how to behave. Floor tape can outline aisles and walkways, floor signs can alert people to the presence of a hazard, and shapes such as T's, X's, and corners can keep equipment and materials where they belong. A floor marking system helps employees navigate their jobs without needing to ask many questions because the visual markings provide them with much of what they need to know. OSHA does not have any specific regulations concerning floor marking, but the organization does state that aisles should be marked. Best practices also exist for choosing the colors, patterns, and types of floor tape, and it's worth learning about these guidelines to facilitate clear communication in your workplace.

Read more about floor marking in the articles below. You'll find advice for marking the floors around electrical panels, information about color schemes, tips for installing your floor markings, and more. To learn more about marking your facility, you can also check out the free guides.


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