Expiring Dot Sets


Expiring Dot Sets
  • Expiring Dot Sets
  • Expiring Dot Sets
  • Expiring Dot Sets
  • Expiring Dot Sets
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Expiring Dot Sets

Easily turn any badge into a time-expiring badge with the Expiring Dot Set. To activate the color-changing process, place the 7/8" diameter front piece dot over the pre-printed badge, which remains hidden until the badge expires overnight. The Expiring Dots will give you the option to choose where you would like the expiration to show on the pass or ID card.


  • Each quantity comes with 2 rolls of 1,000 dots
  • Rolls include front and back pieces: A void sticker to place onto the badges, and a covering piece to place over the void sticker
  • Void sticker appears slowly throughout the day and is fully void by the next day

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