4 Ounce Bottle Sperian Sterile Saline

4 Ounce Bottle Sperian Sterile Saline
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    4-Ounce Bottle Sperian Sterile Saline

    Eyewash and face flushing saline bottles from Sperian are portable and easy to use for emergencies in your factory, warehouse, or another facility.

    These bottles make flushing foreign particles out of the eyes and face easy, and continued irrigation is easy until emergency medical assistance can be attained.


    • 4oz eye and body flushing sterile solution (saline)
    • Flushes particles, dust, and allergens from eyes or face
    • Portable, easy-to-carry bottles
    • Great for emergencies where medical care is en route

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      4 Ounce Bottle Sperian Sterile Saline

      4 Ounce Bottle Sperian Sterile Saline