Amerex 30 Pound Sodium Chloride Fire Extinguisher


Amerex 30 Pound Sodium Chloride Fire Extinguisher
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FIRE EXTINGUISHERS SHIP EMPTY. Please consult your local fire department for filling instructions.

Amerex 30 Pound Sodium Chloride Fire Extinguisher


The Amerex 30 Pound Sodium Chloride Fire Extinguisher operates effectively at a temperature range of -40 to 120 deg F. It’s all metal valve construction features a soft flow extension applicator along with a built in long range nozzle meant to keep the operator away from the extreme heat as well as toxic fumes cause by burning material. This applicator can be detached from the extinguisher to reach a greater range or to create a lobbing effect. The drawn steel cylinder body measures 35”x13”x8” and coated with a special yellow color-coded paint that resists corrosion. This fire extinguisher has a discharge range of 3ft to 6ft and a discharge time of 24 seconds and is designed to fight class D fires, such as fires involving magnesium, sodium, potassium, and sodium-potassium alloys. This fire extinguisher is FM approved and compliant with NFPA 10 standard.

Fire Extinguisher ships empty and needs to be filled upon receipt.


  • Stored pressure design
  • Special corrosion resistant yellow
  • 6 year warranty
  • (Class D) color coded paint finish
  • All metal valve construction
  • Temperature range -40°F to 120°F
  • Unique “soft flow” extension applicator plus built in long range nozzle
  • Large loop stainless steel pull pin
  • Bar coded and bi-lingual labels


  • Manufactured and Tested to ANSI/UL Standards
  • CAN/ULC-S504 - ANSI/UL299 And CAN/ULC-S508 - ANSI/UL711 Tested
  • ISO-9001/ISO-14001 Certified

Product Attributes

  • Fire Extinguisher Capacity: 30 Pound
  • Extinguisher Agent:Sodium Chloride Dry Powder
  • Extinguisher Type:Stored Pressure
  • Fire Class:Class D
  • Material:Steel
  • Size Description:13" W X 8" D X 35" H"

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