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Custom Signs.  You design it.  We create it - no extra charge.

Option 1

Modify an existing sign

Modify an existing sign at no extra charge!
Choose a sign from our large selection of popular signs and modify it to meet your needs at no extra cost to you. View all signs >
Examples of what you can do...
  • Add your logo
  • Change colors
  • Change shape
  • Change layout & text
  • Add images/artwork
  • and more!

Ready to go?

Take a quick look at our submission guidelines if you haven’t yet, then either give us a call or send us an email to get started!


...or Option 2

Create a sign from scratch

create a sign from scratch

We can create virtually any sign to your exact specifications. We provide free digital proofs to make sure it’s exactly what you’re after.

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Ready to go?

Take a quick look at our submission guidelines if you haven’t yet, then either give us a call or send us an email to get started!


* Complex graphic creation that goes above and beyond normal sign layouts may be subject to an additional art fee. Please see guidelines below for details and recommendations; or give us a call at 1-866-777-1360.
First Time?  We recommend reading these Guidelines:
Once you have submitted any images needed for your signs, we will create and email you digital proofs of your signs within 24 hours, sometimes within 1-2 hours. These proofs serve as a way to verify that the signs are what you’re after and allow you to make changes to the layout or design before they are printed. If you would like to see a physical proof to verify colors, we can send you a physical proof to approve before printing – call for details.

Once proofs are approved, our turaround time is between 24-48 hours to ship. Once approved and in production, all sales are final.
How to Submit
Images or Graphics
To ensure a clear, sharp image on your sign, any artwork, graphics, logos or images should be sent to us in a format that is high enough resolution for us to print -OR- whenever possible, we prefer to receive files in a “vector” format.

A vector file is an image file that allows us to scale the image to any size without loss or quality. These file types are usually generated from Adobe Illustrator and typically have file extensions of .AI or .EPS. Many company logos are originally designed in this format.

High resolution images sent as .JPG/.JPEG, .TIFF or .PNG files will also work. Whenever possible, we prefer to have images at 300 dpi (print resoultion) versus 72 dpi (screen resolution, which can often be the default for photos).
Use 300 dpi images
Exceptions to
‘Free Customization’
Most custom sign orders do not require an extra charge. Our goal is to be able to provide you with the sign you ultimately want and will best suit your facility, without costing you any more money than our pre-designed signs.

However, there are a few things which do not qualify as free customization. These situations typically deal with content CREATION vs content LAYOUT.

Modifications of Exisiting Signage

Virtually all modifications of any of our existing signs are free. You can change colors, size, shape, wording- you name it- as long as we don’t need to create custom complex artwork for your job- it’s the same price.

Custom Signage

Simply put - if you have the graphics/logo/artwork/images for your signs, at a reasonable size/resolution, you’re good to go. Also keep in mind that elements from ANY of the signage on our website can be re-used in your sign for free. Situations where we need to go above and beyond and create significant custom graphics for your signs could be subject to an artwork charge of $50/hr.

If this is the case, we will notify you shortly after receiving your artwork, letting you know the modifications that would need to be made and the time frame required, -OR- what alternative files/artwork we would require to avoid any charge. We will not begin this kind of custom work without your pre-approval.

Here are two common examples of what could be subject to an additional charge:

Logo is to be placed on the sign, but logo provided is very low resolution, or no logo file is provided at all.

This usually means we usually have to find the logo online and, using that as a source image, recreate the logo into a vector format. To avoid this, ensure you send in a high resolution or vector file for your logo. Most times you can get this file from your marketing or design department if your company has one.
Requesting elaborate custom images that don’t exist (ie: needing a drawing of a piece of equipment or gear that is unique to your facility on a sign.)

We can create vector sign-ready images from any photo or to your verbal specifications, but please keep in mind this can be very time consuming, and we will need to charge for these services.
If we do create custom artwork for you, we will keep the art on file so it can be used for future orders at no cost to you. We can also provide you with the files we've created for you in a variety of formats.
Rush Orders
Typical turnaround for most custom sign orders is 24-48 hours. Urgent orders can be processed for same-day turnaround for a small fee.

Rush orders must be fully submitted before 1pm PST in order to be able to be shipped out the same day. Any proofs for the order must be accepted before this cutoff.

Rush processing is charged at $25.00 -OR- 5% of the total order, whichever is greater.

*Because of the nature of the printing process, some reasonable limitations may apply.
Copyrighted Material
Any material sent to Creative Safety Supply for the purpose of a custom sign, must be owned by you and/or original content that your organization is authorized to use. You may not use any copyrighted or trademarked material that your organization does not have permission by the authorized owner.

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  Order by email

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