Pallet Storage Area Floor Sign

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Pallet Storage Area Floor Sign

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  • Printed on industrial-grade vinyl
  • Low-profile material that can withstand pedestrian and forklift traffic
  • No hassle - Peel-&-stick installation
  • More durable than paint

A floor sign that reads, “pallet storage area” on it is a great option for most any facility. It will make sure that everyone is aware that the area on and around the floor sign is reserved only for pallets, which will keep it clear of clutter and other items. This is especially important when there are no pallets because they are all in use. Keeping the area clear of other things will reduce any wasted time that people have to spend moving things out of the way to put pallets down.

Another advantage of having this type of floor sign in your facility is that it will ensure everyone knows where they should put any unused pallets for storage. If you’re getting deliveries that include pallets, it is essential to make sure that they are all put in the same place, which can be accomplished using this simple floor sign.


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Pallet Storage Area Floor Sign

Pallet Storage Area Floor Sign


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