Order Picking Area – Zone Floor Sign

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Order Picking Area – Zone Floor Sign

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Order Picking Area – Zone Floor Sign

Commonly seen in shipping and packing departments, this “Order Picking Area” Zone Floor Sign directs staff and visitors to the warehouse order picking location. From facility to facility, the order picking method may be different, but there’s almost always an order picking area where staff will grab a picking ticket (a list of items for a specific order), search for those items on the picking list, then ship it out. This order picking location could be a staged area where the bins or carts are ready to be used for item picking, or perhaps it’s an area where you would find the picking tickets. Whatever the order picking method is, this noticeable floor sign will help direct staff back to your order picking area to quickly start the order picking process over again.

In addition, we can customize any sign at no extra charge, just email us or call at 866-777-1360 for more details. 


  • Printed on industrial-grade vinyl
  • Low-profile material that can withstand pedestrian and forklift traffic
  • No hassle - Peel-&-stick installation
  • More durable than paint
  • Measures 12"x60"

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Order Picking Area – Zone Floor Sign

Order Picking Area – Zone Floor Sign


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