ABUS Ball Valve Lockout


ABUS Ball Valve Lockout
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    ABUS Ball Valve Lockout

    To block most common ball valves (even those with more than two outgoing pipes), the ball valve lockout device is the right choice. If the flat lever is at an angle of 90° to the pipe, it can be locked by the device. With a padlock, the device ultimately gets fixated and the ball valve is locked. Accidental opening during maintenance work is therefore impossible. The ball valve lockout device can be used universally and is also applicable for pipes that are hard to reach. The handling is practical and easy, since padlocks can be exactly positioned in one of the many holes of the device.


    • Stable and secure, made from powder-coated steel
    • Two sizes for most common ball valves
    • A number of holes for exact positioning of the padlock gives more stability
    • Best used on hard-to-reach pipes
    • Small: .25" - 1"
    • Large: 1.25" - 3"

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      ABUS Ball Valve Lockout

      ABUS Ball Valve Lockout