ABUS Laminated Steel 41/30

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ABUS Laminated Steel 41/30
  • ABUS Laminated Steel 41/30
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    ABUS Laminated Steel 41/30

    ABUS laminated steel safety padlocks are suitable for both safety and security purposes. They are made in Germany and their high-quality recycled steel laminates are individually coated with a non-hazardous cadmium-free plating, giving the lock an extremely good level of rust resistance. Colored vinyl bumpers are available for easy identification and compliance with OSHA regulations.

    KD (Keyed Differently): Select this option to receive locks that each require a unique key. (Keys Included)
    KA (Keyed Alike): Select this option to receive locks that can share keys with each other. (Keys Included
    MK (Master Key): A set of KD (Keyed Differently) locks, that also work with a shared Master Key. Please contact Customer Service for a quote.  This option is not available via the Shopping Cart.


    • Laminated steel with ETERNA™ coating on each laminate for extreme corrosion resistance
    • Laminates individually treated for top corrosion protection
    • Rivets concentrated in the outer laminates to protect the rivet heads from being chipped off
    • Hardened shackle, double bolted, as of 1 37⁄64" made from special alloy
    • Precision pin tumbler cylinder
    • Self-locking: Locking without key by pushing down the shackle
    • Made in Germany


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    ABUS Laminated Steel 41/30

    ABUS Laminated Steel 41/30


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