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    ABUS Lockout Station

    Using an ABUS Lockout/Tagout Station (LOTO) provides a central location for your lockout/tagout program by providing a unique spot for each lock and hasp to hang.  There are 3 available sizes and they all come pre-loaded with ABUS products. (Image is of Medium Size K982).  ABUS LOTO Stations are portable, durable, and are designed to be wall-mounted.  Have additional Locks?  Each hook can hold 2 padlocks or 2 hasps.

    All locks pre-loaded are KD (Keyed Differently)


    • K980 Small Lockout Station comes with 3 padlocks and 2 hasps. (Locks: 2 EA 74/40, 1 EA 74HB4075. Hasps: 1 EA 701-1", 1 EA 702-1.5")
    • K982 Medium Lockout Station comes with 8 locks and 2 hasps. (Locks: 5 EA 74/40, 1 EA 74HB4075, 2 EA 72/40. Hasps: 1 EA 701-1", 1 EA 702-1.5")
    • K984 Large Lockout Station comes with 12 locks and 2 hasps. (Locks: 10 EA 74/40, 2 EA 74HB4075.  Hasps: 1 EA 701-1", 1 EA 702-1.5")
    • K986 X-Large Lockout Station comes with 28 locks, 4 hasps. (Locks: 24 EA 74/40. 4 EA 74HB4075. Hasps: 2 EA 701-1", 2 EA 702-1.5")

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      ABUS Lockout Station

      ABUS Lockout Station