Facility Condition Assessment

A facility condition assessment, or FCA, is a common activity that is done to many different types of facilities including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and more. They are done to determine the condition of the facility, which can be essential for things like safety, efficiency, and much more. The assessment will look at all aspects of the facility including its age, the design that it has, the methods of construction that were used, and what types of materials were used when it was made. It will also look at what, if any, improvements, or modifications have been made to the facility over the years.

In most cases, a facility condition assessment is going to be performed by an architect, engineer, trade technician, and other relevant professional. Most of the time multiple people will be working together to perform this type of an assessment, each looking at the areas of the facility that are relevant to their specialty to ensure they can properly evaluate the condition.

These types of assessments can be done in a variety of different ways. They will typically include a walk-through inspection as well as some type of mathematical modeling of the facility. The details of the inspection will be collected for further analysis after the fact. This information will then be used to create a report that can be provided to the facility owners or other relevant parties.

Facility condition assessments can be done for many different reasons. They can be helpful when trying to determine what, if any, upgrades are needed. Many companies will also want to have this type of assessment done before making changes to the location of machinery or other equipment to ensure the facility can handle it, and to ensure it is OSHA compliant. Having a facility condition assessment performed every few years will help to provide the information needed to operate efficiently.

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