Asset Tracking

Without an asset tracking infrastructure, a lot of time must be allocated to finding objects. There is also the very real risk of losing assets completely either within the facility or while it is being loaned out as a part of the service that a business provides. With that being said, keeping track of important assets within a business is extremely helpful when trying to prevent time and monetary loss. Not only that but implementing asset tracking will also streamline production and normal business procedures, as well as improve customer satisfaction.

There are several ways to go about implementing an asset tracking infrastructure for a facility. The most popular option being labeling. The following are all great choices when it comes to choosing what kind of medium to use for asset tracking purposes:

  • Barcodes are one of the easiest options to implement. Simply print off labels via an industrial label printer and apply them to all the necessary assets. Keeping track of these items involves manually scanning the barcode or QR code with a smart phone or barcode reader.
  • Asset Tag Ties work well in environments where adhesive labels aren’t the best option. Simply zip tie the tag onto the machinery and scan away.
  • RFID Labels are where it gets more complicated. These labels transmit a signal that lets a computer know where they’re at. On one hand, it’s nicer than manually scanning every barcode on equipment, but RFID tags can be expensive, especially the ones that have a longer range.
  • GPS Asset Tracking is another option for assets that travel globally. These devices are not built into the device like a smart phone’s GPS system, rather it is powered by its own separate battery.

Overall, asset tracking is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to asset loss prevention and maximum utilization of existing assets. Save time and money by implementing this strategy.



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