Spider Chart

Also called a radar chart, a spider chart is used by Lean practitioners to measure performance in multiple areas in one graphical chart. These diagrams are called spider charts because when completed they resemble spider webs.

To create a spider chart, users first decide what business areas they want to measure. For example, someone could use a spider chart to measure how 5S practices are going and use the steps of 5S as different measurements.

Then the user draws a circle and divides it with lines coming out from the circle’s center. At the point where a line meets the edge of the circle, he or she writes the name of one of the components being measured. Then each area is scored based on an agreed upon number system. This can vary from application to application, so each business will need to use its own scoring system.

Each score is plotted along the corresponding line, and then all the dots are connected. The area in the center is shaded, and this represents the current state. Ideally, each scored area will strive to get closer to the edge of the chart.

Spider charts are helpful because they allow people to measure and compare multiple things at once to get a sense of the overall picture.

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