Voice of Customer (VOC)

Voice of customer, often referred to by the acronym VOC, is a tool and research technique businesses’ use to capture and record what a customer expects, their preferences, and what they dislike in a product or service. VOC is an important element in Six Sigma activities and can be considered as the foundation of a quality improvement project. To capture an accurate VOC, research will include gathering customer feedback, reporting results, and sometimes comparing this information to other competitors. In order to make this kind of research valuable to the company, tangible and timely action will need to be made

It is important to identify what customers expects that the service or product is not currently offering or is not provided. From there, a company will have the ability to identify areas and opportunities to improve. An organization will then be able to identify areas of improvement in the market itself and decide whether or not certain offerings are necessarily needed by the customer. The product or service can also be evaluated for how well it is currently meeting the customer’s expectations and how well it compares to the competition. 

Another advantage of capturing the Voice of the Customer is the opportunity to gain insights for what customers may be expecting in future product developments. The research will also show customers their opinions are valued, and quality products are delivered. A company should act immediately after receiving information, so customers can enjoy a better experience sooner.

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