Developed by the American National Standards Institute and the American Society of Safety Professionals, ANSI/ASSP Z359 is known as the series of Fall Protection and Arrest Standards. The scope of this standard has expanded throughout the years to address different fall protection systems, training, testing, and more—but it began with ANSI Z359.1.

What is ANSI Z359.1?

ANSI Z359.1 (also sometimes referred to as ANSI/ASSE Z359.1) is formally entitled Safety Requirements for Personal Fall Arrest Systems, Subsystems and Components. It is the Fall Protection Code. In addition to establishing roles for other ANSI Z359 standards, this standard specifies minimum product design criteria and test procedures guidelines for the components, processes , and systems used in a fall protection program. 

What is ANSI Z359.2?

This section of the Fall Protection Code outlines the minimum requirements for a comprehensive managed fall protection program. ANZI z359.2 is a guideline, whether an employer is starting a new fall protection program or just looking to revamp an existing program. A comprehensive fall protection program would include:

  • Identifying, evaluating, and eliminating (or otherwise controlling) fall hazards through planning.
  • The proper safety training for all personnel.
  • Safe installation and use of fall protection + rescue equipment.
  • Implementing safe fall protection
  • Procedures for completing incident investigations.

There are over a dozen more standards within the Z359 series regarding topics like lanyards, requirements for active fall protection systems, verification testing of fall protection products, safety requirements for full body harness, and more. While OSHA does not require compliance with ANZI Z359, it is comprehensive guidance for any workplace to better understand personal fall arrest systems and fall protection programs.


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