OSHA 1926.102 Eye & Face Protection

OSHA 1926.102 Eye & Face Protection

When it comes to workplace safety, few things are more important than making sure the eyes and face of those in the area are protected. OSHA has a set of regulations that are made specifically for this type of workplace safety. Any facility that has safety hazards must be familiar with OSHA 1926.102, which is where the eye and face protection regulations are kept.

There are many different points that employers need to be aware of when it comes to this set of regulations. One of the first, and most important, is that the employer is responsible for providing any personal protection equipment needed to protect the eyes and face at no cost to employees. This applies to anytime that there is a known or expected eye or face related hazard.

You will find that there are many different situations where eye and face protection are needed. In environments where dust, sparks, sawdust, wood particles, and other airborne substances will require this special type of protection.

The specific type of eye and face protection that is needed in each situation is also going to be listed in this section of the OSHA regulations. For example, in some situations simple safety glasses that provide protection from the front is sufficient. Other situations may also require side panels or even full goggles.

Ensuring familiarity with the necessary regulations is critical not only for compliance, but also for the safety of employees. That said, it is best to have this set of regulations printed off and posted publicly so that everyone in the facility knows what requirements are in place and how to properly follow them as well as install appropriate visual communication tools. Of course, keeping up to date with any changes in the regulations is always going to be important as well.


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