RACI Chart

An RACI chart is a form of a responsibility assignment matrix and is commonly used in project management systems. When using the chart all the different parties associated with a project will be listed across the top, and each step in the project’s lifecycle will be listed down the left side. Where the two intersect in the chart is where their responsibility assignment is designated with an R, A, C, or I.

What Does RACI Stand For?

In this context RACI is an acronym for the various levels of responsibility a given person or team will have for a specific task within a project. The letters stand for:

  • R – The R stands for responsible. This is the group of people who will actually be doing the work to complete a given task. For each task in a project there has to be at least one person or team designated with an R. 
  • A – The A stands for accountable. In this chart the person or team that is accountable will be answerable for actually delivering the completed task. That means they must sign off on the work that the responsible party has done. This will typically involve testing or analyzing the work. Each task can have ONLY one person or team designated as accountable.
  • C – The C stands for consulted. This team will not do the actual task but will be talked to about it to get their input. This could be a subject matter expert or other valuable contributor. There can be multiple consultants for each task.
  • I – The I stands for informed. The people or teams with this designation are just kept in the loop about task but aren’t responsible for anything and their input is not needed. This will typically be a project lead or manager.

Using this chart everyone will not only know what their role is for each task but will also know how they should be involving other people or teams. This helps to streamline the whole process and avoid any type of miscommunications, especially in Lean Six Sigma organizations


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