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When people think of head protection, hard hats are usually the first thing to come to mind. Construction site and roadway workers don hard hats for protection from object-generated impacts caused by flying and falling objects, but for contractors, warehouse workers, airline workers, mechanics, and those working in a less hazardous environment, bump caps are a more comfortable option.

Bump caps are worn to prevent minor head scrapes and lacerations caused by user-generated impact caused by walking or bumping into an object. The low profile of a bump cap makes it an ideal choice for confined spaces, cramped spots, crawl spaces, under overhead structures or pipes, or anywhere workers are likely to bump their head.

The two types of bump caps: traditional and baseball style.

  • Traditional Bump Caps closely resemble hard hats and are made from impact-resistant plastic. The durable polyethylene outer shell makes this bump cap ideal for food manufacturing environments.
  • Baseball Style Bump Caps look like a classic baseball hat and feature a cotton or nylon outer hat and a hardened ABS or polyethylene inner lining that can be removed for easy washing. Ideal for miners, contractors, exterminators, mechanics, and manufacturing workers not in the food industry, etc.

Another option is to use bump cap inserts – flexible plastic inserts that can turn any hat or baseball cap into a bump cap. A customizable trim allows the user to fit the insert in all sizes and types of hats. This is a great option for contract workers, adhering to a work uniform, or giving employees the option to wear their favorite hat.

When shopping for bump caps, check for impact and puncture resistance, venting, and comfort options. Unlike the majority of personal protective equipment, bump caps are not a regulatory requirement or standardized. The only established bump cap standard is the European Standard EN 812:2012 and must not be used for jobs or in areas requiring an ANSI-rated hard hat. It’s important to remember bump caps do not meet ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Standard for Industrial Head Protection.


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