When looking at manufacturing strategies there are few that are as popular as 5S. 5S helps people in the workplace improve physical safety in a variety of ways, and it is very effective. 5S does not, however, help with the psychological safety of the employees working in an area. To help accomplish this goal, the concept of 5C was developed.

5C covers five separate concepts that are important for helping people to work effectively without getting burnt out or experiencing any type of mental fatigue. In addition to helping the employees to have improved mental health in the workplace, this type of effort can also help companies to be safer and more productive. This is because when someone is mentally exhausted, they are more likely to make mistakes, which could cause problems.

The 5 concepts each begin with the letter C and are as follows:

  • Clear Expectations
  • Connect Regularly
  • Care Genuinely
  • Consistent Kindness
  • Coregulate

The goal is to have management, ownership, and everyone in the facility to actively work to incorporate each of these concepts into their day-to-day routines. Rather than having all the focus be on strict productivity, 5C helps to encourage mental wellbeing within the workplace. Many people have found that this can lead to an improvement in workplace satisfaction. It can even help to reduce turnover and other issues that are often associated with poor mental health in the workplace.

Taking the time to learn about the 5Cs concept and implementing it into your facility properly will help to benefit everyone. While the goals are not immediately set to benefit the company’s bottom line, they will often have that result when done properly, which is one of the reasons that it is growing in popularity. Of course, the main reason why a company should investigate 5C methodologies is to help employees to have the benefits of psychological safety in the workplace.


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