Transformational Leadership

There are many different strategies that leaders can follow to help to get their company or organization moving in the right direction. While just about all leadership strategies can be effective, there are some that can get better results than others. The theory of transformational leadership is becoming quite popular because it not only helps companies to achieve their desired results, but it also helps employees achieve in their career and even personal goals in ways that are not often seen.

This theory of leadership centers around the idea that the leader works closely with their teams to help everyone succeed. The leader must look beyond just accomplishing the immediate goals of their area of responsibility and look for ways to transform the way things are done in a way that will benefit everyone.

For example, a department manager would traditionally focus their efforts on making sure that the requirements of his or her department are accomplished. Under the transformational leadership strategy, they would look beyond just the scope of their individual department. The leader would look for ways that their team could help to streamline processes of other teams or reduce waste for the company.

In addition, transformational leadership involves working with employees to benefit them as well. Stereotypical leaders prefer that employees to remain in their position as long as possible to reduce the costs related to training or hiring new people, that is not the case with transformational leadership. The leader will work with the employees to try to boost or harness different skill-sets so that the employee can thrive. In some cases, this will mean improving the way the employees handle their day-to-day tasks, and in other cases it will mean helping the employee improve a skill so they can be moved into a different role.

When done properly, transformational leadership can help everyone involved including the leader, the company, and the employees.


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