MRO (Maintenance, Reliability, and Operation)

MRO is defined as the goods or equipment that are necessary for the production process but are not included in the final product of that process. MRO management is an important part of proactive maintenance because if properly implemented and managed, the facility will benefit from lower costs, protect customer deliveries, and reduce downtime incidents. MRO items that companies manage include consumables, industrial equipment, plant upkeep supplies, etc.

There are four different categories that MRO falls into when it comes to the maintenance and repair of facility components:

  • Infrastructure maintenance and repair includes items such as roofing cement, flashing, or trowels to maintain buildings.
  • Production equipment maintenance and repair aims to keep machines essential to production up and running. MRO items may include compressors, valves, pumps, belts, or motors.
  • Material handling maintenance and repair includes items that keep forklifts, storage systems, and even robots that work to pick and pack items running. These MRO items are often found in the same category as production equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Consumables and tools includes items such as office supplies, batteries, PPE, etc.

If an MRO management system is not implemented, managed, or understood completely, then overspending on items that are not needed may occur or downtime may increase due to the lack of repair items. Both of these instances cost the company incredible amounts of money in both lost time and labor. Because of this, it is critical to have a knowledgeable MRO procurement team, strong inventory management practices, and a good handle on supplier management organizations that when combined are responsible for replenishing essential items.


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