When working in manufacturing, construction, mining, and many other industries, it is not uncommon to see the acronym “FR” on various things including clothing. FR stands for flame resistant. Flame resistant items, including clothing, are an important form of personal protection equipment (PPE) that can help to keep a person or object safe when exposed to heat, sparks, or even direct flame. There are multiple different levels of flame resistance, each of which will provide a different level of protection to the person that is using it. Individuals and companies need to make sure that they are always using the right FR rated material for a given situation to get the safety they need.

The highest FR level offers maximum protection against heat and flames. This gear would be what firefighters wear when they have to go into a burning home. While no type of personal protection equipment can make it safe to be exposed to flames for extended periods of time, the top tier fire resistant gear does an excellent job at providing protection even in extreme situations.

Most people do not need the maximum amount of protection in order to stay safe. There are lower protection levels that can include just FR rated pants and a shirt. This could be beneficial in situations where sparks or embers may come into contact with the skin or clothing. Using flame resistant materials will help to ensure people in the area are not burned and fires do not spread.

In addition to being used to protect people from direct flames, FR rated personal protection equipment is also a very common option when dealing with electrical systems. This is because arc flashes can cause many materials to catch on fire almost instantly. By wearing clothing with the right FR rating, people working on electrical systems are at much lower risk.


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