PERT Chart

A Program Evaluation and Review Technique Chart, or PERT Chart, is a tool commonly used in project management that can help give those involved an effective way to represent the required tasks for a given project. This chart can show how the project is progressing, what needs to happen to move forward, and much more.

PERT Charts were first developed back in 1958 by the US Navy. Over the years these charts have been used by millions of businesses and individuals to help give them a visual and logical way to keep track of various tasks that need to be completed to finish a project successfully.

There are many advantages to using PERT charts, including the fact that it allows you to schedule out a project without knowing the full details ahead of time. This is possible because the steps in the project are event-oriented rather than linear.

Another advantage that comes from this includes the various teams working on different tasks. When a task is not reliant on another, it can be completed even if it would not normally be next in line. This allows projects to move forward more quickly than would be otherwise possible if using a standard linear project management tool.

There are many different situations where a PERT chart can be useful. They are used in just about every type of industry, as well as on a personal level by some people. Learning more about PERT charts, how to use them properly, and the benefits they offer can be extremely helpful to any type of business.

When done right, this tool can streamline projects, help avoid mistakes, get teams to work together more effectively, and much more.


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