NEMA stands for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. It was founded in 1926 to advocate for the electrical manufacturing industry. As the largest trade association for electrical equipment manufacturers in the US, this group creates and publishes various standards for electrical products. This includes standards for things like household electrical outlets, plugs, and much more.

Their standards are used by companies throughout the country, and even around the world. With more than 700 standards related to electrical systems published, NEMA is one of the most influential associations in the industry. They also publish application guides, technical papers, white papers, and other things to help improve the industry.

Many of the standards and papers that are published by this association are focused on making sure that the electrical products produced are going to be safe. They also look at ways to improve reliability, efficiency, and much more. Some of the more significant standards that come from NEMA include those for electrical enclosures, AC plugs and receptacles, and motors and magnet wire. The standards for electrical connectors are followed throughout North America and have even been adopted by many other countries throughout the world.

NEMA is also a major lobbying group in the United States. In this role, they help to influence the way laws are written. They specifically try to influence legislation related to electrical systems and the manufacturing industry. This lobbying is done through their subsidiary, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association Political Action Committee.

They have 88 employees working for the association, which is in addition to their 2366 volunteers. They also get a lot of input from member companies and individuals who are passionate about the industry. Any company that manufacturers electrical products, installs electrical systems, or otherwise may be impacted by the NEMA standards should work to keep up with what they are doing to influence the industry.


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