Spanish Resources Questions and Answers

Keeping workers safe on the job starts with education and understanding. Safety and technical training is not effective if workers cannot understand the information and don’t feel safe asking questions. If you have employees on your team that speak Spanish or Spanish is their native language, it will be important to provide them with safety training and educational materials in Spanish.

Explore our Spanish Q&A section and read through our advice for employer on how you can best offer a safe workplace for everyone on your team. Learn about the Spanish resources OSHA offers and what materials you may want to translate into Spanish. Having workers fully understand the hazards resent in the facility and how to safely do their job, it will not only keep them from being injured but also help them to feel more confident in the workplace. Here at Creative Safety Supply, we also offer a number of bilingual signs and the option to customize any sign you need into Spanish! There are also a number of our guides that have been translated into Spanish, so you can share them around your workplace and to your employees.


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